Sertoma Clubs all over the country take pride in their contributions to the community and to the number of people we serve. For the past century and for the next 100 years Sertoma’s purpose has been and will continue to be to meet the needs of communities through service. Likewise, we are proud to announce that members of this community have been diligently working together to form the Stockton Lake Sertoma Club with hopes to make a difference in our community and more specifically the youth in our community.12510368_893323987450162_5391789190131992616_n

Sertoma: connecting those who are called to serve-with those who can’t hear the call. Today, over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from some kind of hearing loss. With our technological life style, that number continues to grow. Once hearing loss occurs, it cannot be restored. We can imitate it with hearing devices, but it will never be as clear or concise as it once was. After hearing is lost it becomes one of the most expensive parts of life to maintain. Our passion is to create a world where everyone who chooses, can hear us. And our passion will compel us to raise awareness of our cause, educate those willing to understand, and support those who need our support. Hearing health needs allies and advocates, educators and healers. Sertoma communities share the common belief that attention paid to hearing health adds quality to lives and communities.

Membership in the Stockton Lake Sertoma Club is already 20+ members strong! We hosted a membership dinner on January 16 where we expressed our intent as an organization in Cedar County, revealed our involvement in the operation of the Black Walnut Festival and the local 5k Dam Run/Walk and brainstormed other community activities that could benefit from Sertoma and it’s 501©3 affiliation.13139312_960568520725708_8828113765823926699_n

Stockton Lake Sertoma Club is committed to fulfilling needs in our community that have not been met in a financial capacity. It is our mission to strengthen the bond of the Stockton community, to increase participation, attendance and revenue of local festivities, and ultimately to submit financial assistance to programs and children that would otherwise be without.15578555_1162804643835427_1835701655879541471_n

The Stockton Lake Sertoma Club encourages you to direct any questions you may have to the Board of Directors at 417.276.5988, PO Box 892, Stockton, MO 65785 or stocktonlakesertoma@gmail.com. Be looking for Dam Run registration and sponsorship opportunities as well as Black Walnut Festival news, applications and ALL-INCLUSIVE sponsorship opportunities!